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When decoupage goes wrong… 30 August 2010

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Okay, so I’ve found a new hobby that I kinda love (like I needed another one of those…) and of course, up until last week, I was out of school and going a little stir crazy. So I decided it might be fun to decorate my iPhone’s case (I had a very boring gunmetal gray Incase slide cover thingy.  Good for protection, not really my style…) Now, me being me, I don’t really like to measure and be exact and stuff.  I’m much more an “eyeball it” kinda gal (also, this is how I bake! LOL!) So of course, god forbid I should actually measure anything to cover this case, what with all it’s very annoying curvinesses and whatnot. After 2 or 3 attempts, it was apparent to me that using scrapbook paper or anything remotely stiff like that would not work for me at all.  So I had to let it lie for a few days while I pondered some more.

As I pondered, I remember that I have a largish stash of tissue paper.  So, I found me some bright pink tissue paper, pulled the case off the phone, and went to town.  After about 5 layers of tissue paper, lots of Mod Podge, an hour or two of painstaking whittling (essentially) with an exacto knife (yeah I know, I won’t measure but I’ll use an exacto knife with great glee after the fact!) I had a nifty looking pink case.  It’s weird, you can actually still see some of the gray through the layers of paper, and it took on a kind of weird fabric-y look.

And then, to put the finishing touches on it, I used some iridescent-y butterfly stickers I had (I think I picked them up at Dollar Tree… I love the Dollar Tree…) And of course, then I needed to add a few more layers of Mod Podge to protect the whole mess.  And because Mod Podge stays a bit sticky, I sprayed the whole thing with an acrylic lacquer to protect it.  Here it is, in all its finished glory (and with a bit of Tim thrown in…)

Where’s the problem you ask?  Well, first, I can’t seem to get the case off the phone since I put it all back together.  Not that I need to, but still… and second, it still doesn’t seem to have totally set, if you will.  It has some odd creases and crack-like things (not actual cracks, but crack-like), and some bits are perfectly smooth while others seem to have picked up a bit of a pattern from somewhere.

So, I’m pondering ripping the whole mess apart and starting over. But we’ll see.  After all, I can’t get the case off the phone.  This could be a problem…




5 Responses to “When decoupage goes wrong…”

  1. Well, the mechanical failure notwithstanding, I think it *looks* really pretty. LOL. In each new hobby, you’ve earned your stripes when you have a minor disaster.

    • Rana Wilson Says:

      Thanks, Jess! I agree, it is pretty, but you know how you are with your own work. Always critical! Of course, I won’t be able to do anything to it anytime soon. I can’t wait to see that dresser you’re working on! I’m currently still pondering my coffee table (and my buffet, and the dining room table and chairs I don’t have yet…LOL!)

  2. Michelle Says:

    It is very cute! Sorry about the technical difficulties =).

  3. Melissa P Says:

    Just think of the things you will be able to do with a gallon of Mod Podge! (I saw it online at Create For Less.)

    You could try wet sanding and see if that helps the cracks and things that have appeared. Just in case you want to give it a chance. But then, you could always just make a new one!

    • Rana Wilson Says:

      Actually, I did totally re-do it this weekend. I just need to get some good pics taken. A new post will be coming as soon as I have those pics! (unfortunately, the “real” job is beckoning just now… :()

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