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It’s all ‘About’ me… 19 April 2010

Hey there! I’m Rana.  I’m a full-time but part-time professor, I’m working on becoming an artisan (at the moment, I’m crafty…), and I think I’m a lot of fun!  I teach College Composition at 2 schools, I write resumes to make a bit of extra cash, and I’m learning to make jewelry.  I design greeting cards, which I totally blame on my mother (Thanks, mom! LOL) and make my own Christmas cards each year, as does my mom and several cousins. I have no children (and I’m okay with that), just a niece and nephews, and cats.

So, I’m working on expanding my online presence, since this is really the way our world seems to be going.  So I have this blog, all about my randomness, and then I have Definitive Designs, all about my jewelry, and I have a Reading and Writing Journal, mainly as an example for my students.  And I have Flickr, cuz I’m trying it out!  Oh, and my Artfire shop.  And if you Google me, a few academic sites located here and there that I really have no control over. So this is my attempt to build my online presence, maybe brand myself eventually as a totally awesome and talented gal (which I am), and share my randomness with anyone who’s interested.




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