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The Kittehs…. 19 April 2010

So, yeah, I have no children myself (although I do have one beautiful niece and several gorgeous nephews) but I do have kittehs…. and yes, I spelled that right… 🙂 I have 2 monster heads, Dobby (yes, like in Harry Potter.. FYI–I don’t recommend naming a cat after a house elf…) and Buttercup (and yes, she’s a Prissy Princess). The two of them are nuts, and have given me hours of laughter. They are my babies, my children, and I love them dearly.  But no, I am not a crazy cat lady (I’m only in my mid-30s.  I think you have to be older to be a Crazy Cat Lady.  and you need more than 2 cats…) Here’s some pics of my monsters.  I think they’re the cutest kits ever! But that’s just me….


The Dobby-monster, being all cute and stuff


The Prissy Kitty, holding her tail down... that pesky tail...


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